Tony Greyson-Newman

TONY GREYSON-NEWMAN - The sportsman who is to represent Jamaica in Sprint Kayaking, has now been appointed core brand ambassador for the proposed Kingston Aquatic Sport Centre, a multi-sport and fitness complex in Downtown Kingston, Jamaica.

Also known as 'The Jamaican Kayaksman' Tony has competed internationally in Spain and Ireland and hopes to compete at the Pan-American Games in USA in the next few months. For the past three years, Tony has been working hard towards his dream to become the first Jamaican Sprint Kayaker to compete at an Olympics and hopes to accomplish this in Rio. However, if the opportunity doesn't present itself, Tony is determined and aiming for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.

Tony, who was born in London and of Jamaican parentage, has been approached by Jamaican Canoe Federation founder and President, Leon McNeil who was looking for brand ambassadors for his project. The vision is for Kingston Aquatic Sports Centre, a multisport and fitness complex on Kingston waterfront. The complex will be a water sports hub for Olympic rowing, kayaking, canoeing, sailing and dragon boat racing. The aquatic sporting facility will provide opportunities for Jamaican athletes to compete in a wider range of sporting events at a world and Olympic championship level and a training camp for international athletes also. There are also social, cultural and economic benefits as the centre will provided new opportunities for employment, and support, sponsor and host community events.

Tony is very excited about being asked to promote the project and also about the endorsement and support of a number of high profile individuals such as business mogul Levi Roots, Entrepreneurs and Community Champions Patrick and Claudine Reid MBE and his sponsor Kam Punia of JTs CoconutEssence.